• MiroWin studio

    MiroWin studio

    Ukrainian game development studio, publisher and promoter.

  • dilly


    I’m a digital Artist / Professor [2d, 3d and animation] and Indie Game Dev. https://postmortempixels.com/ | https://dilly.carbonmade.com/

  • Oscar


    I shoehorn politics into tabletop gaming. News junkie. Obsessed with game mechanics. Godless heathen. Sci-fi devotee. Anti-conservative. Societal disaster.

  • Alaric Mckenzie Boone

    Alaric Mckenzie Boone

  • Sky Bear

    Sky Bear

  • Robson Siebel

    Robson Siebel

    Game Designer and Programmer, MiniChimera Game Studio. Currently working on Blackout https://minichimera.itch.io/blackout

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