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Heroic Asset Series: Creature Pack

Aleksandr Makarov is at it again, but this time with dozens of creature sprites for your games. At base there are 84, but as always all updates are free to the bundle, meaning there are a few dozen more characters already added. There’s also a ‘IKnowKingRabbit’ bundle hosted by Aleksandr currently for all of his work. Check it out if you are looking for more assets not found in the bundle.

Fronds of Benevolence

A supplement for TROIKA! which was seen earlier in the bundle, Fronds of Benevolence was written and illustrated by Andrew Walter. If you aren’t familiar with TROIKA as I was before starting this bundle crawl, it’s best described as a surrealist TTRPG system only needing 3 stats and six sided dice to operate. Fronds specifically looks to be a fantastic addition, but some have commented on the randomness of the GM-facing timer that may cause the entire adventure to be over before it begins. Fans of TROIKA will love it as it has everything one could want; massive amounts of content packed into a bizarre setting and environment.

Picking Up The Pieces

While keeping with the current vibe of TTRPGs, Picking Up The Pieces by Summer is not what one would expect in the realm of tabletops. This is a two player title about exploring the remnants of a relationship and, after slowly unravelling the past and uncovering its destruction, deciding on whether or not it’s possible to start again. This is heavy stuff, and explicitly says that before players can even start with its content warnings and specific request to read the rules aloud. The possibility for tension and trauma is endless, as there is only two people to play and interact with each other. There is no ‘distractions’ through side quests, no escape from the tough conversations that can come out. This is definitely a ‘play at your own risk’ kind of game, for while everything may be ‘fake’ and ‘acting’ the emotions that could be drawn will be real. I’m not going to lie, I get anxious just reading some of the vague stories other players have had at the possibility of where these interactions could lead.

If you feel up to the task, and have another person that you can play with that you utmost trust, this might be an experience neither will forget. Hopefully in a good way.

Mythic Mortals

Rounding out the TTRPGs for this page is Mythic Mortals by Technical Grimoire Games, pseudonym for solo dev David Schirduan. In a mild twist, players are all specifically themselves that have gained powers in this new world, rather than creating a new avatar for themselves to play through. Treated as more focused on laser quick combat and over-the-top shenanigans, players use cards instead of dice to determine the combinations of powers available for that turn. It’s all about quick short sessions where everyone already is powerful, more like an arcade experience of fun than a full on roleplaying adventure. If you are looking for something different in the TTRPG department, something fast and fun with a different mechanic, this is definitely one to try out.




Just a Game Dev who decided to take on the monumental task of giving an overview of all 59 pages in the bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. We keep going.

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Jacob Vorstenbosch

Jacob Vorstenbosch

Just a Game Dev who decided to take on the monumental task of giving an overview of all 59 pages in the bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. We keep going.

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