PEGBJRE: Pixel Fireplace and Page 3 Software

Not sure this is how I expected page 3 to end, but I ain’t complaining.

Pixel Fireplace is a… well, it’s a pixel fireplace. Expecting a metaphor or analogy for a game about fire? Nope. This is a fire.

Sorry, the intro is ruined, let’s retry that.

Not gunna lie, I’ve been watching this for some time now.

Pixel Fireplace is a simulation of a pixelated fire made by a certain Ted Martens, whom you may have heard of for his smash hit Crypt of the Necrodancer. In this game, you type the words ‘log’ and ‘match’, and then technically you have beaten the game. Without the jesting, this is a game about relaxing in front of a simulated fireplace, and altering what is happening to the fireplace as you go. All commands are input with a keyboard, typing whatever you wish and seeing it occur (or not if you input a faulty command).

Now at first, this may confuse some that were expecting ‘gameplay’ and ‘mechanics’, but I believe that this thought process is too constraining. Pixel Fireplace is a game to relax to, it’s a literal firepit that one might’ve had pre-pandemic days out back, sitting with friends in a circle and enjoying the night sky. It’s a breath of fresh air to simply have to do nothing once in a while of my own free will, and watch some fire burning on a log. Of the built in commands, the fire can change colour to one of dozens of presets, with the above being ‘Aurora’ as one of my favourites. The interactivity comes from the commands to grab hotdogs and marshmallows and cook them on the fire. Sure you can’t eat them in real life, but it’s the thought that counts. There’s even the option to throw specific types of paper in — don’t like the newspaper because it keeps spouting nonsense? Chuck it on the fire!

I’m being coy, but in reality this is a soothing experience that can be put into windowed mode and placed in the corner of the screen, giving you an outlet to just watch a fire and relax. It isn’t meant to be something overtly special or compelling, it instead strives to give people those ASMR styled vibes complete with the fantastic recreation of the fire sounds. It’s escapism in a different form, if you will — rather than escaping to a different world or scenario, you can escape to a simple existence for a few minutes and just roast hotdogs while the world continues on its course. And with everything going on right now, Lord knows people need it.

Pixel Fireplaces is small, compact, and can fit anywhere on your computer and monitor. If you need some time to just watch a fire and reminisce on simpler times, just boot it up and watch the flames flicker.

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I wasn’t expecting to write that much about a fireplace simulator, nor was I expecting the last game of page three to be exactly what I needed. So, with that, let’s bring attention to the software.

Page 3’s Software Selection!


Project Management software aimed at creatives such as artists, designers and more. Focuses on simplicity and accessibility, made by aeroform.


Sleepaway is a Table top RPG made by Jay Dragon of Possum Creek Games, featuring the Belonging Outside Belonging system to explore the camp grounds that are the setting.

CanariPack 8BIT TopDown

Made by Canari Games, this is a top down pixel art asset pack complete with tiles and 2D animations to help finish off your games and add some polish.

HUGE pixel art asset pack

Asset pack made by @s4m_ur4i, known for dozens of other 2D asset packs. Contains 1500+ tiles, and is actually huge as advertised.

Game Development CheatSheets

Job overview sheets by allurious. Stylized drafts of different game development roles, how to get started in said role and other neat facts about them.

And that’s page 3 completed! There might be an additional blog coming out that may or may not be a braindump of information, so uh, look forward to that. On to page 4!

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