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3 min readDec 10, 2020


We’re back. This is super short because it’s been a few pages and it’ll become irrelevant otherwise…


Oddly enough, my biggest complaint with SAI was the lack of a health bar. I had no idea where my health was, and over time started to think I just couldn’t die. That the game was forgiving and didn’t care. That was, until I died and sorta stared at the corpse of the druid and thought to myself “Alright, so where’s the health bar then?”. I still don’t know where it is.

Other things that happened in SAI included the fact that I spent 10 minutes waiting for enemies to spawn in the logging district, thinking I hadn’t triggered something properly. In reality, they just waited that long to spawn. That is most definitely not supposed to be an intended interaction, right?

The Fall of Lazarus

The memory test during the prologue states that I have 20 seconds to memorize the 5 objects. Usually that means that after 20 seconds, it would wipe the board and give me 20 seconds to put the pieces in the correct order. Instead, after that time it states that I have failed — within those 20 seconds, the player must memorize the objects, click to move forward AND place them in the correct order. Failure randomizes the 5 squares. This feels terrible to have to do repeated times.

There are also a bunch of writing issues, most likely due to translational error from Spanish to English that weren’t proofread properly, which doesn’t help the atmosphere much. Thankfully the visuals work overtime and the general gameplay isn’t hindered.

A Normal Lost Phone

Echoing what I’ve seen a few people write, the dates are a little backwards in their implementation. The formats change between DD/MM/YY and MM/DD/YY at times, which makes it confusing as to which is the correct password for the puzzle. There are no lockouts, so thankfully it was just a trial and error experience.

Destiny Fails Us: A New Life

After the introduction I went in to adjust my settings to make them more appropriate for my playthrough. Coming back to the main menu, it flickered every backdrop instantly until stopping at one randomly and continuing onward as if nothing happened. There was also a bizarre capital T in tutorial near the very beginning of the game. Didn’t seen anything like that since, so I’m certain it’s just a hiccup.


Using the built in GIF creation feature was cool, except that it would hang the application for some time. My assumption is that it is either beginning the process to record or was reading through the previous data to create a gif of the previous 10 seconds. Not entirely sure, and it got better as I created more gifs.

Rym 9000

Besides the obvious that this game is an epileptic nightmare, the menus were terrifyingly confusing to navigate. Also, as a warning to anyone that grabs this title, make sure to download the correct version. To explain, I thought I downloaded the x64, when in reality the itch client got me the x86. This caused the initial playthrough of the game to be on a very tiny screen in the top right. How this happened, I’ll never know.



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