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5th(ish) of the way through, woot.

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3 min readMar 10, 2021


Welcome one and all to the 20%(ish) completion extravaganza. Let’s get rolling, shall we?

Heroic Asset Series: Buildings Pack

Alekasndr Makarov is back with another asset pack, this time focusing primarily on buildings. This pack includes 268 different sprites, with two groupings of ‘town’ like buildings and ‘mine’ object/rooms. I’m particularly curious about the Necropolis if I’m honest. There are also attribute modifiers, resources, treasures and more within — and as always, any updates to the pack are given to you, so it works great for starting a project or game jam.

Behind the Magic

In the category for most meta, we’ve got a TTRPG completely immersed in the world of mockumentaries by Diegetic Games, an indie game design studio run by Randy Lubin, a serious games consultant and game designer. It doesn’t require a game master of any kind, and starts like many TTRPGs with its preparation and story understanding. Where things get interesting is in the structure, which is more reminiscent of an Improv stand up show, with the ability to actually play away from the table and act the scenes out. It’s full of the stuff that many love about DnD and other TTRPGs where just everything goes wrong and it’s absurd and crazy, yet almost encouraged at the same time.

I know I’ll be seeing if I can try playing it when I can actually see friends again.


Another TTRPG for the bundle comes in the form of protecting a small village in Tricksters, made by Kurt Potts for the Folklore Jam. The players take the roll of the Tricksters, beings with multiple forms completely up to the whims of the players’ desires. The village itself is designed via questions that the GM and players must answer, and from there the game begins. With the centring mechanics focusing on desire, teaching and tricks, it slowly evolves into a fable that the villagers use to teach a moral of some kind for years to come.

Heroic Asset Series: Icon Pack

Hold on, I just talked about another pack in this series; Aleksandr won’t quit I guess, dang. This pack is all about icons for players to utilize, and with 762 icons for players to utilize there is seriously a lot to parse from weapons, armor pieces, shields, jewelry and more. As always, if there’s an update it’s free.

RPM+: Rage’s Platformer Movement Plus

In a twist to end the page out is a movement game engine made by Elsian, complete with examples on how to work the engine itself. It’s made for platformers exclusively, including collision detection, character linkage, and a bunch more technical features that may or may not bore some to death. Honestly the sheer amount of inclusion within this engine is quite fantastic, and looks perfect for any game jam project that devs might want to give a whirl.

That’s all of them. Time to start the next project, huh.



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