PEGBRJE: Page 16 Software

Ok there are WAY more than I thought.

Lowcountry Crawl 1

Welcoming back Technical Grimoire Games to the bundle is Lowcountry Crawl 1, a supplement for TTRPGs. Set in the fictional land of the Barrier Islands, players will explore a setting akin to the 19th century southern US within a setting similar to that of the Lowcountry itself. Technically it is useful for all systems, but the monsters are designed for OSR. Finally, this was also used to raise money for the Penn Centre, an African-American cultural centre preserving and educating the history of the region. If you’ve wanted to trek through a fantastical version of this era of time, try this out.

[Standalone] The Tail Makes the Fox — Episode 1 Deluxe Goodies

If one recalls the game of the same title, this is where all those deluxe edition goodies were hiding. This doesn’t contain the game, only the goods involved such as an artbook, icons and a wallpaper. Wasn’t really sure if I should include it, but it is indexed in the bundle so here we are.

The Stelklar Beacon: Hopepunk Issue

A ‘zine’ created to supplement the sci-fi RPG Return to the Stars, both created by Festive Ninja who works out of the states to create an optimistic tabletop RPG. The idea is to create a genre called ‘Hopepunk’ to instill a sense of positivity in a genre usually overflowing with nihilism and crushing hopelessness. This zine specifically includes some scenarios to bolster Return to the Stars, exploring Hopepunk in more depth, more prompts and some comics.

6 Bites for 6 Princes

Role Over Play Dead is back with this standalone adventure for D&D or OSR pitting adventurers under a hunting lodge to discover the terrible secrets hidden beneath. The entire adventure ‘technically’ fits on a single page, so GMs don’t have to scramble through multiple pages — but that doesn’t stop it from being packed with terrors in all 9 areas. Drop it into any adventure that you were looking to spice up with some intrigue about werewolves.


A new TTRPG from World Champ Game Co. created during the pandemic specifically for it (although it has been updated to skip that first phase, so we’re good!). The game is played in three phases, surrounding a deck being created, utilized, and then acted upon when placing each card. Phase 1 was made during the Step up for the Postal Service game jam and involves using zip codes to randomize prompts and elements for the cards. Phase 2 takes those cards to build a city corrupted, inhabited by those that wish to overcome it, and Phase 3 follows the acting out of said story and using cards/characters to spark revolution.

This is definitely one of the most unique ideas I’ve seen for a TTRPG, and with the inclusion of the removal/altering of Phase 1 for those able to play in person means you can still enjoy it regardless of the future.

So You’ve Been Thrown Down A Well

Ember and Ash are back again with this double-zine adventure designed for Troika! The first zine is the title feature, an adventure in which the players involved are thrown down a well along with many other items. The second is called ‘A Miscellany of Backgrounds’ which includes a bunch of different backgrounds to supplement play in Troika!, and can be used outside of this book’s adventures. If you like this slightly absurd style complete with fantastic illustrations, then this might be a great one to bring to the next Troika! game.

An Anthology of Cozy RPGs

True to its name, this is a collection of 7 small RPGs to play with others at any time. I do mean small, by the way; none of the rulesets exceed 200 words. Players will pick them up quickly and test them out immediately with little to no worry about large rulesets or tons of preparation. While they are untested meaning there may be some issues that players encounter, they are easily overlooked and fixed. You could even use these titles as brainstorming for other projects! Happy cozy times.

Apollo Visualizer Kit

In a twist I didn’t see coming, there’s a tool for Unity to create a 3D visualizer within the bundle. This allows for anyone to implement a visualizer of some kind within a Unity project without needing a lot of programming knowledge so no worries about destroying it. It comes with a custom frequency update, as well as 7 built-in modifier scripts to alter how the visualizer works and possible work towards making your own.

The twist is that I personally made something similar to this back in 2017, but nothing this extensive. I love seeing people utilize the 3D aspect of Unity’s visualizers rather than just utilizing the shader tools, it gives a different feel that I have yet to see captured in a collection of shaders. Bravo, Kichex, bravo.

Closed Fists

I never thought it would be possible, but Nguyen Conditions has somehow created a fighting game TTRPG. With a custom loop that allows for players to flow between each phase extremely well while still creating an environment where players need to use luck and skill to beat their opponent, it somehow comes together really cleanly. It’s built for 1v1’s, and I’m curious to see if it ever comes out with a tournament mode because this is wild.


To round out page 16 is a zine of worldbuilding for a fantastical town of the same name of the zine. It has no specific system to call home, more that it creates a setting and the characters within, detailing their struggles and parts of their lives. It contains a lot of graphic depictions, as well as some graphics supplied by Sergi Puchades. If you are looking for a zine to either include in a setting, or to simply read and learn of the development of the world by Quinn K, then try this pdf out.

There we go. Page 17 probably starting tomorrow, although there may be a delay in its start.