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Welcome back! There’s a lot of TTRPGs today.

Balikbayan: Returning Home

This is a TTRPG made by Jamila R. Nedjadi, lead creative for Sword Queen Games and TTRPG aficionado. Within Balikbayan, players are treated to a fusion of cyberpunk and magical fantasy, dubbed ‘Post-Cyberpunk’ and narratives wrapped in supernatural Fillipino folklore. It’s another TTRPG without the need for a GM, with this particular game utilizing the Belonging Outside Belonging System (BOBS which — not going to lie — I love as an acronym). This system is built upon a narrative structure, focusing on telling stories of marginalized groups established outside of the dominant culture. You may have heard of it recently thanks to the massive surge in cyberpunk conversations for no real reason as an alternative setting to the older cyberpunk settings from the 80s and 90s.

Apple Quest Monsters DX

An interesting collection of monsters that may remind one of others that don’t exist by Splendidland. With over 100 pages, there are pixelated sprites and details of each and every monster, outlining their habitats, attacks, types, and general lore. Great for anyone needing inspiration for unique monsters, or just want to read cool facts about monsters that aren’t in games but feel like they should’ve been.

Black Heart

This one is interesting. I’ll start with that.

This is a TTRPG, the second in a series, that is based on Carly Rae Jepson.

How do I top that?

Produced by Colin Cummings, this is the follow up to Boy Problems, the cyberpunk Carly Rae Jepson TTRPG. Oh and there’s an upcoming Version 2.0 for Black Heart.

I guess that’s how.

Honestly I don’t know what else to say besides I really need to play it through and can’t wait for covid to go away so I can (I like TTRPGs in person, sue me).

RPG Items — Retro Pack

Small asset pack by Emberheart Games, an indie dev, where the term ‘small’ refers to the sprite size, not the amount. There are nearly 150 armor sets/clothing items, 76 weapons, and dozens of more sprites that can be used for commercial games. If you need assets for a 2D RPG, this would be a good place to start.

Blades in the Dark

Another TTRPG, but this time you’re kind of the bad guys. Created by John Harper, a designer and artist out of Seattle, players will perform heists, solve weird occult mysteries and general be scoundrels in the night. It only uses d6s from my understanding and does require a DM, but there are dozens of rules for alchemy and machinery, so let your imagination run wild.

Oh there are also free supplements on the website as well to add to the product — it did come out 5 years ago, so it has had some updates and support.

Top-Down — Interior Tileset

A tileset for 2D dungeons made by Raou, a pixel artist. Contains over 400 tiles within to customize different rooms, doors, beds, and more to add some flavour to your latest project.

Michtim: Fluffy Adventures

An ode to Saturday morning cartoons as stated by its creator Zev Mir. It features a game about exploration of that which is hostile while also looking for the wonder that is within as well. The interesting aspect is in its System, which utilizes Emotions as traits where players will generate mood markers depending on the emotions they get. This also has a whopping 12 Callings which can be combined into different sets, so there’s a lot of different ways to play as these little characters. I’ve seen it described as the TTRPG for all ages, which seems right on the nose.

There are a bunch of supplements and DIY cards to print from the page. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive TTRPG that can handle combat if necessary but doesn’t focus on it, I’d look more into Michtim.

CanariPack 1BIT TopDown

Another topdown asset pack, this one done by Canari Games, which you may know by its founder Johan Vinet. Assets cover a wide array of needs from player sprits, tilesets, enemies, items and even music/sfx to all be imported into whatever title you may be working on. It appears to have the easiest integration with Gamemaker Studio 2, and is completely in black and white so keep that in mind. Nevertheless, it’s extensive and can cover any topdown RPG/action game needs.

Cthulhu Deep Green

Well well Cthulu, I was wondering when you might show up in my TTRPG mentions.

This is actually a game that builds off of a certain Cthulu Dark by Graham Walmsley which you may or may not have heard of from it’s successful Kickstarter in 2017. Deep Green is made by Dissonance, the pseudonym for Justin Ford, and is actually the hybrid of this and another called Delta Green. Players utilize a modified ruleset to play as the Agents of the Conspiracy while expanding on the Cthulu Dark ideas, which the author lovingly calls a ‘hack’. It’s a short book that contains everything players will need, as well as advice for the GM (called ‘Handlers’ here) to craft scenarios. If you need more mind-bending shenanigans, this is a quick and fast way to get submerged.

And that’s all of them! Now to realize that today is Wednesday instead of Friday and get to work prepping for tomorrow. Wee!



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