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Did I forget? NO of course not.

The Sealed Library

As the only remaining member of the greatest library in history, what will you preserve? This question is posed by the studio called Sealed Library for this solo RPG adventure. Barricaded within this glorious establishment, players must decide what they will move down to the vault and seal away before the barricade is destroyed by raiders. What will be saved, and what will succumb to the fires? As this is a solo RPG, players will be utilizing journalistic writing and set pieces — if new to this, Sealed Library does recommend watching another (they have a link) which will help understand the process (albeit at the cost of spoiling everything).


In an interesting twist, THE NEWLY ARRIVED is a GM-less tabletop RPG in which the players themselves are an outsider attempting to enter a community whilst also being a voice on the Council itself. Made by TTRPG developer Jgurantz, players are attempting to draft a narrative via cards of who they are and why they wish to join an established community. Those on the Council will deliberate about if they should allow the person to join via the factors given, which can either be super serious or utterly ridiculous. It’s actually an ingenius game when I think about it, building off the simple mechanic of trust and narrative understanding while giving a conclusion after every newly arrived has been ‘processed’.

black mass

black mass is a tarot-based storytelling table top by will jobst, whom some may remember from the very ambitious ‘this discord has ghosts in it’ title. This instead follows a Salem centric setting where players are attempting to learn more about two travellers named Catherine and Lydia. Players then take on persona’s of the two, portions of their personality and history — each player gets one for each of the travellers. There are cards that allow players to perform actions, which can be added to the narrative structure while also posing a threat to the player; run out of cards, and control is lost.

Can’t say I’ve ever heard of a title that involves players technically inhabiting the same individual, so it’s definitely a scenario worth visiting.

There were only three this time, so we move on.



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