PEGBRJE: Software of Page 11


Dungeon Tileset — Top Down RPG

Start off Page 11 with a tileset by Raou, whom we’ve had in the bundle before. These are 16x16 tiles for dungeons, containing lava, water, props, walls, chests and many more within the 500+ elements. Is advertised as completely compatible with the Interior set, so if you’ve been working with that one here’s the dungeon to go with it!

Mall Kids

Mall Kids is an interesting tabletop title made by Matthew Gravelyn, a designer who has also written articles highlighting different issues and discussions within the gaming sphere. This game follows teenagers within a mall (hence the name) as players interact with each other and deal with the struggles of their lives. It isn’t meant to be super hardcore focused on mechanics, rather wanting players to develop their characters within the world and explore the scenarios such as working in the terrifying lands of a strip mall, trying to make money and not really making much.

Pixel Art Platformer Painted Style

Mostly a tileset collection for backdrops, this bundle by edermunizz (welcome back) contains 8 landscape backgrounds for any 2D adventure. They’ve been created with Unity and Godot in mind, so they are primed and ready to go for both engines. If you’re looking for atmosphere, this is just one of many edermunizz has made for you.


Interestingly named tabletop RPG made by Jared Sinclair, 6E is designed with the ‘Powered by the Apocalypse’ framework. This sounds terrifying, but it’s just a neat system that uses 2 d6s amongst other modifiers. It’s meant to be extremely simple, with each player’s character sheets summarizing what they can do, what their moves are, and what each of the numbers on their dice mean. It has expansions for players to gain more classes to work with, and more possibilities to flesh out some other systems.

Das it. Seeya.