PEGBRJE: Software of Page 17

8bit Overworld Tileset

Straight out of the old NES titles comes this tileset by itchabop, aiming for the aesthetic not normally applied in most modern titles — computer resolution and all. It has sprites that move, buildings and entrances, and all sorts of backdrops for you or others to utilize in a game that will most likely be aimed to recreate the nostalgic times of before.

Glitch Brushes: Dithering and Text

In a slight twist, this is actually a brush set for digital artstations to utilize created by glitch enthusiast Dataerase. Seriously, much of their stuff is brushes and assets in this terrifying glitch aesthetic. So if that’s what you’re needing to scare some people, try this out.

The Bookshelf

I’m not exactly sure how to open with this one. Some may call it a solo TTRPG, but that doesn’t really do it justice; it’s more of a comfy and reflective experience with some elements of expression. Created by Linda H. Codega (writer and game designer of many zines), The Bookshelf is about sorting a bookshelf — like, an actual bookshelf in your house — and pouring over why they have the space that they have before writing a stories based on ones you’ve already created. Once the bookshelf has been combed through, players can decide if they wish to write more, or pass the newly minted Bookshelf that has now been created within the pages on to a friend to continue onward and make their own.

It’s almost spiritual/ritual in its approach, a calming exercise to look over at one’s possessions and to recognize why they mean so much to you. I don’t know if I explained it well enough, so if you like experiences that stray from the common ‘table top game’, then this might be for you. Also, for anyone with a large collection of books that needs organizing.

Indiepocalypse #4

I misread what Indiepocalypse was when I first saw it, and I am now paying the price for it. What I thought to be a collection of zines bundled in to a magazine is in actuality a collection of games that have been bundled with a zine. I’ll be returning to all 10 of them shortly, but it has seriously put a damper on my schedule. Completely my fault, but alas; the zine itself contains an overview of each title, similar to the work I’ve been doing but more focused on the summary aspect to get people that are reading excited to try the title out. It’s quite well made, and it does get me excited for the games. Now if only I’d realized this sooner…


No this isn’t some scary software set in the 80s, it is a font created by Void, one with a long history of creating different fonts for multiple occasions and uses. This particular one is reminiscent of 1980’s digital computer fonts (hence the name) and is clean to a T. Wish I could say more, but there’s not a lot to talk about when it comes to a font. If you need a font for a computer terminal or an 80s-themed game, here you are.

RPG Boss Monsters & Minions Pack

Rounding out this page is a bosses and minions pack created by Beowulf, pixel artist and game developer with many asset packs to try. This one is focused around the baddies, including more than 350 sprites in total. It includes boss/oversized baddies and multiple minion variants to accommodate them. The final update was not that long ago to cause the total to reach 350, so if you are in need of various pixel monsters for a game jam or indie project, this is definitely worth checking out to add some baddies.

That’s everything! Sorry this took so long, got caught up in other stuff. Page 18 will hopefully be started on Monday — that Indiepocalypse will have to be rectified soon though…

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