PEGBRJE: Software of Page 20 (and a few I missed)

Admittedly I would only know about these errors if I hadn’t gone back and looked for them… So lets get the three that got lost out of the way first.

Page 11

Pixel Plebes Digital Card Deck

Created by Greebles, these cards are animated for each suit, centered around a mysterious poem and theme depicting four sisters who marry four kings. As such the cards are all flavoured with this fictional world, with each suit having their own theme as well. What one might be able to do with these is up to them, but the possibilities are endless.

Page 12

One Page Dungeons

Somehow lost in the sauce, One Page Dungeons is a series of 15 short dungeons created by FishInThePot, a game studio out of the United States. These dungeons are all compatible with the majority of the world’s TTRPGs, and can be slotted in anywhere at a DM/GM’s discretion. What’s most interesting is that the dungeons are drawn like they were created by those of us at a kitchen table, complete with marker lines on grid paper, while the rest of the module is neatly printed with details. Makes me think I made these, but in reality it just adds to the counter-top style.

Page 15

Transmission Burst: Volume 1

Brought to us once again by the fantastic UFO Press, Transmission Burst: Volume 1 is a collection of microgames all with the similar setting of being in space. The adventures are with many different systems, from diceless to card-based, with or without a GM and to those with varying number of players; they are all tailored for the experience of the narrative, not the other way around. It’s extensive in its ‘microgames’ genre, and the amount of polish is staggering; if you are looking for a bunch of different TTRPGs to play, here you are.

Alright! Back to our regular scheduled programming.

Page 20 Software

Superhuman Industrial and Immaterial, Incorporated

This lengthy titled tabletop game is made by Linda H Codega, the writer that created the previous experience ‘The Bookshelf’. This is more of a choose your own adventure style, for players are attempting to assist the designing of a super hero — playing as the designers themselves. Players are the average people working with and under the superheros, not as them, leading to some interesting antics. Try it out if you’re looking for something a bit more anti-comic, if you will.

Far From Home

Created by ehronlime, this tabletop game is similar to a few before it as it runs on the Belonging Outside Belonging engine, with the main focus is on the players being immigrants and outsiders to an already established world. The culture is not familiar to the players, but they must thrive and survive within it nonetheless. There’s also an interesting dynamic between the three ‘states’ of society, from the Home, the ‘Circle’ and the Hegemony — it’s all about documenting how each changes as the players struggle with the others who change and struggle alongside them. Try it out if you like the BOB framework and want a new system to work within it.


One of my most anticipated TTRPGs, SINS-The RPG is a full TTRPG experience crafted by First Falling Leaf, with this being their first foray in to TTRPGs as a team. The story is post-apocalyptic, focusing on a set of powerful entities that roam the barren wasteland in order to fight an undying horde. It’s primary focus is narrative development, being built as a variant of the HOPE framework and comes complete with a plethora of information within the PDF given. Oh and the artwork is stunning — that helps a bunch, at least for me. If you want to give this extensive title a whirl, find it below.

Dirty Town

To follow up the grim post apocalyptic, we have Dirty Town; an RPG about Pigeons. Yes, pigeons. Crafted by Maré Baixa, players will be feathered friends in a diceless adventure, dealing with all sorts of bizarre issues that only pigeons could understand, like utilizing corn kernels somehow. I’m still not sure, but that might just be part of the fun. If you want to be a bird, go right ahead.

Photoshop Real Pencils

As the name bluntly suggests, this is a set of pencils made by our pal Void — seriously, this individual has created all of the brushes so far, bless their heart. I don’t have much else to say, if you need pencils then you will love this.

The Ghost Houses of Phylinecra

A pocket dungeon created by Shel Kahn, The Ghost Houses of Phylinecra acts as a starter or oneshot where players will investigate the town of Phylinecra. It was created with multiple systems in mind, so no need to worry that it will take some ‘porting’ over to other systems. Use it to help players understand their characters better, slot it in to an already existing campaign or just run it for fun. Who knows?

Ten People You Meet In The Undergarden

Haven’t seen a Troika! in a while, but this is a supplement for just that. Crafted by better_legends with artist collaborators Kari Aldrich and Sam Mameli, this gives players the introduction to 10 new NPCs that are found in the Undergarten, which is strange location underground full of bugs, and apparently a talking hedge maze? Truly the world underneath us is a mystery. Nevertheless, this will give you a smattering of detail about these 10 individuals, and hopefully give inspiration for a Troika! adventure.

Weirdogs 01 — The Best Day Ever

A comic this time! Donated to us by SimonWL, artist and storywriter, Weirdogs follows the tale of Dodger, a simple yet lazy pup who just wants to play video games all day and nothing else. It’s a coming of age tale, as it documents his life and its changes that he wishes wouldn’t come, but knew inevitably would. There is at least one other chapter up on, so go dive in.

Farming RPG GUI

Art assets created by user heavvymetalqueen, these are a modular set of GUI elements that are best utilized in a farming-centric environment. There’s a bunch of different sets from inventory, character screens, progress bars and more, all wrapped within a comfy aesthetic. They also include how-to guides and examples in case some of the elements don’t make sense. Perfect for game jam or small time projects that just need a bit more comfy love.


This is probably the most confusing of the bunch, so bear with me. Jared Sinclair, creator of many pieces of works within the bundle, has crafted a sequel to a supplement for Anti-Sisyphus — which berates me for my lack of knowledge on the subject. What is it? Well, it’s a zine — but that’s all I can fully understand. It is absurd, yet fantastically written. So I have no idea what it is, but I do know that the Anti-Sisyphus collection is quite large, so go dive in if you’re ready.

Sorry about the length, that got weird. Anyway, page 20 is done! I’m going to be taking a break after this, since what I have planned in a few hours is going to be lengthy.



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