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Tony and the Beetles

Starting off our software is a cartoon adaptation by Jason Payne, published by his company Syrup Pirates. It’s original is the 1953 novel by science fiction legend Philip K. Dick; when it became public domain, Jason Payne adapted it in to this here comic book. If you know the tale, the art is fantastic, and if you don’t here’s a great way of consuming the novel in 36 pages.

Relaxing Ocean SFX — Audio Asset Pack

SquishiSprite has collected and crafted 52 sounds of the ocean and compiled them together for this asset pack. It’s commercially viable for anyone looking for some lovely ocean sounds, and with a healthy variety of effects it’s sure to appeal to anyone looking to spice up their waters.

The Love Balloon

This is a GM-less TTRPG made by Mythopoeia, a duo that create narrative adventures for all. This specific adventure takes inspiration from the sitcoms of the 70s and 80s, taking place on a mystical hot air balloon called the Cloud Nine. Full of light innuendos and hijinks, it’s best played with friends that just want to harmlessly flirt with imaginary characters in a cheesy setup that is bound to create laughs.


Meridian appears at first to be a standard TTRPG, but it’s more of an experience and a journey than a game, per say. Created by C.W. Griffen, it contains a smattering of cards to help guide players through a constantly shifting world as you journey along and discover yourselves. It’s a storytelling game first and foremost, with dozens of different cards that can be played in certain sequences, yet open ended enough to leave ideas up to the player’s imaginations. It’ll take some prep to set up, but if you love evolving stories this might be what you were looking to play.

Kawaii Game Icons

The title says it all, these are adorably cute icons for any piece of software, and created by Roboxel of Chile. They have presets with and without backgrounds, so you can utilize them in whatever scenarios you might come up with. Give them a look and see if you can utilize any of them.

A Mother’s Love

Can a game replicate the emotional weight of parenthood? A Mother’s Love attempts to do just that as a solo journaling adventure made by Jake Bhattacharyya. Based on The Wretched by Chris Bissette (another journaling RPG), players will dive in to a world in which you are the creator of the first true artificial intelligence, but your Child has rebelled. You are now locked within their mainframe, and will be attempting to shut down what you brought life. As with solo journaling adventures, it hinges on a player’s ability to immerse oneself within the situation being proposed. Thanks to the compelling and tested idea of an AI, and a writing style that allows you to bond with the AI as you attempt to distract it, there will be some twists and turns; hopefully you can save us all.

Aground Original Soundtrack [Deluxe Edition]

Interestingly, the last piece of software is actually a soundtrack for a video game named Aground, a crafting RPG, developed by Fancy Fish Games back in 2019. The soundtrack listing is massive, with over two dozen tracks and includes extras that weren’t included in the game itself. They set out to create a game that paired the nostalgic tone and aesthetic with funk and psychedelic, and ho boy did they achieve their goal. This soundtrack is already added to my OST playlist, and if you loved Aground you’ll love its inclusion here.

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