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BearFX Explosions | Pixel Effect Pack

Ever needed pixelated explosions? Well, like a hundred bears has you covered — yes, that is their name as a developer of many different games and assets. This specific pack will give you 11 polished sprite sheets that have all of the kinds of explosions that you may need in your life; blood, ice, even lasers! Go get those explosions.

Candy Platformer Tileset

SorceressGameLab is back with a candy platformer set this time, with all sorts of confection-centric flavours within the Pico8 colour palette. You’ve got different kinds of items of candy, UI elements of sweet colours and four different tilesets that utilize a candy-like aesthetic to jump across to your hearts content. Hard to pass this up if you need candy that you can’t eat.

Follower #1: Velox

Welcome to an alternate present told by Bug and Delate in this prequel webcomic to their series ‘Messenger’. In this first chapter, you’ll get a bit of context to the original and get more understanding of the world that contains chimera — genetically engineered beings — that seemingly cannot understand a single word of human speech. Things are just starting, and if you are in to genetic military stories (with a dash of furry) then this might be your shtick.

What Is Here?

In an interesting world-building twist, What Is Here? is a tabletop game that centres around your ability to create myths in the way they’ve always been done; community word of mouth. Created by Yubi, players will be utilizing a deck of cards to help guide everyone through the process and initiate conversations that can lead to what exactly this myth or idea is that is being constructed. It can lead you down bizarre roads, and even in to building entities that cannot be contained within a single area. It’s very improv and organic heavy, so if you like worldbuilding on the spot then this might be a fantastic title to try.

Electric Zine Maker (a work in progress, be gentle, hug it often)

Ever think about making your own Zine? I haven’t, but alienmelon has developed a tool for all of you that have but are worried about not having a guideline or toolset to assist. Electric Zine Maker will give a drawing interface that allows for the importation of images, texts, paint, and many more options. It’s designed to be a one stop shop, where you will be able to start and print off a zine all within one project and collaborate with any and all that wish to participate. There are templates for other styles, as well as tools being developed to further enhance the creativity. Give it a whirl if you’ve been dying to make a zine for fun but just didn’t know where to start.

Oh and the itch page is hilarious, check it out if only for that.

Humans vs. Humans 2018: Wasteland

This has to be the most bizarre LARP I’ve ever seen. Humans vs. Humans: Wasteland is a Live-Action RPG that you and friends will be acting out in the wild, not at a table; we’re going full ARG. Players will all need to have some kind of ‘Nerf’ gun, or other foam blaster from a different brand, in order to create the setting of a lawless wasteland that you are all trying to survive in. It’s like actually being in the world that we describe with miniatures in a TTRPG, or models in a video game, only it requires a bit more imagination and a lot of co-operation. There’s 10 full missions to run, but with factions and puzzles to interact with, there’s a whole treasure trove of ideas in here to explore. Hopefully nobody sees you telling delta squad to move out, though.

Desktop Meadow

samperson will not leave me alone, and I’m ok with that. This software piece is another for the desktop screen, but instead of being disruptive it instead is a relaxation piece to grow a garden. These little meadows grown on top of your windows, staying out of sight for the most part and attracting cute little animals that stay for a bit before flying away. It’s also fully networked, as a mail-carrier bird will arrive with ‘mail’ from other meadows — it’s easily the most bizarre aspect of the software, but does make you feel like you’re part of a larger community, even if its a tad odd. Grab this if you are looking to spruce up your desktop with some aesthetics.

Depths of Fear :: Knossos Soundtrack

Once again we are treated to a soundtrack to a game that may not be present in the bundle (at least, not that I’ve seen so far) but is appreciated nonetheless. Depths of Fear :: Knossos allows players to delve in to the world of Theseus in order to slay the Minotaur, but instead of being a cool heroic journey we have to experience all that was down there with him while trying to find our way to the centre. Theseus is just one man, and there’s a host of things in here that plan on killing him. The OST may surprise many, however, as it uses a combination of percussion and band instruments layered with synthesizers to create an odd technological feeling, yet rustic and dark at the same time. It’s definitely worth a listen for the intrigue alone.

Ex Novo

The software I thought was a game, Ex Nova is by Sharkbomb Studios and is a paper game about creating a city through the development over time. As the shephards, you will all take turns discussing and defining what exactly this settlement is, attempting to lay a framework for how it came to be and what it wishes to be while making decisions during events to give some ‘chaos’ to the perfection. It’s goal is to give life to the city created through these events and discussions, as if we were watching a city formed over thousands of years in a blink of an eye. If that sounds like something you and friends wish to enjoy, try it out today.


Nearing the end of this page is another OST, but this time for an adventure game called Cordillera which features two young friends platforming across a cordillera in search of of a way to save the ancient people from ‘an Old Evil’. The soundtrack itself is quite intriguing, matching with the vibrant colours of the game with vibrance of its own, and thanks to there being 80 minutes its hard to say that it doesn’t have variation. Download it to listen, or just to add to a collection, and perhaps you might even be interested in the game itself.


Finally, there is deskspace; a self-care app. It’s meant to be placed in the background of any desktop, and will periodically remind you to do certain things throughout a day in order to help you out. It’s meant to stay relaxing but also assisting, with each object on the virtual desk alligning with some aspect of the app itself. Perhaps you need to get a break, or a quick reminder of what to do next. Let deskspace help you, especially if you are self-employed or have no external motivators; it might just give you that relaxing boost you need.

We done here. Might be taking the week off to work on a contract, who knows. More to update later.



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