PEGBRJE: Super Sellout

Well I didn’t realize one of these games wasn’t digital, so here we are.

Get that PAPER.

Super Sellout is an infinite run-and-save made by Whales and Games, the indie trio that brought us Petty Puny Planet and many other game jam titles through Ludum Dare. This time around, players will be taking the role of one of the greatest super hero’s known to date in Monetization Man, who will save the people of his city and be the hero they all desire; right after he’s done getting paid, of course.

Super Sellout spells itself out immediately as a game to monetize everything in order to pay for… well, everything; Monetization Man has got to eat, after all. To make this money, however, players will take on contracts by companies at the beginning of a run, which will hamper Monetization Man in different ways to bring spotlight to the sponsor. Some examples include sticking himself with stickers that slow him down, wearing flashy shades that make it hard to see, and even hazardous puddles that can cause him to slip and do cool poses by accident. It’s all in the name of monetization, but that isn’t the only way to make money; he could do his job, after all. Once the game starts, players will find themselves on top of a series of buildings with individuals who are in need of assistance. Getting close to them allows for him to save them with a touch of a button, gaining money and fame along the way. If he’s unfortunate to miss a jump, it takes some time for him to get back up and time is lost, as this is an infinite runner in the sense that there is no ‘end’ of the level, only as far as the player can get Monetization Man in terms of money and distance.

While on the lighter side of the discussion about super heroes and their intrinsic ability to be monetized (looking at you, The Boys), Super Sellout gives a fun way of show just how twisted the idea can be. Monetization Man will do anything to make a quick buck, even intentionally sabotage himself to be unable to save people. Of course you as the player can decide to not take those contracts, but what’s the point if you don’t? Get that paper, Monetization Man. If you just want a fun way of comparing high scores with friends through a superhero running game, this is definitely one to try out.

That’s it for 25.




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