PEGBRJE: Those Buried Within — The Missing Entries

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Once again we dive back to ensure that everything is here, and it turns out I’m still not really able to automate my own process. Oh well.

Missing From Page 44

Gothic/Haunted Castle Tileset

Created by MidnitePixel_, this is a set of assets for a 2D game that you want to set up in a spooky mansion. It has all the staples of a terror dungeon, from hanging skeletons to blinking lights in the windows. There are some animations to bring the whole backdrop to life, meaning you too can have a terror castle level in any game you are creating.

Empty Rivalry

Alright, how many people have ever thought to themselves ‘I love social deduction games, but do you know what I love more? Romance of the Three Kingdoms.’ If you are in this niche group that I have now called out, I give to you this game in which you too can roleplay as Liu Bei arguing with Cao Cao on twitter before beginning a debate overseen by Zhuge Liang. It’s strange, its unique, and it might be worth a try.

The Fool’s Journey

The final missing entry of page 44 is The Fool’s Journey, a storytelling game utilizing tarot cards. 9 of the ‘Major Arcana’ cards form the basis of the story, and then you and the others will bid against each other in order to rearrange them in the way you want. Once done, the story is then progressed by the character chosen — usually the Fool — until it is completed. You then go again with different cards, and see what new stories you can create.

Missing From Page 46


This is a first, but I actually remember reading this entry before skipping it, and I recall exactly why; I was confused by it. Bonsai Calendar looks like a game, but it is actually just a piece of software aimed at assisting anyone with a Bonsai Tree. Due to the delicate nature of the tree, it can be challenging to know when to prune and when to water — those who need assistance can use this software to help them out.

Do note, however, that many in the comments have stated that the application doesn't actually ‘work’. There seems to be some issues with getting the ‘calendar’ part to work, so do proceed with caution.

Okay now all the entries are complete. Time to get to work on the big overviews.



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